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  *** VFX 17.0 released ***- #13944 in section [740185]
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Von: Uwe Habermann
Am/Um: 21.11.2016 21:53:45 gelesen

--from Newsreader at Montag, 21. November 2016; 21:53:45--

Hi VFX Developers!

VFX 17.0 is available for download!

The website will be updated for VFX 17 soon. You can change 16 to 17 in all
links for VFX 16 to get the according files for VFX 17.

When starting the VFX - Activation Wizard appears. Please
register and get a 30 day activation key for free with which you can use all

Registered VFX customers with a valid subscription please use the same
e-mail address and password which you have used to register for VFX 16. This
way you will get an unlimited activation key immediately and you can update
to the full version of VFX 17.

Your registration data in our customer database gets updated.

Here key features of VFX 17 since the the last build:

Themed Title Bar
Set in VFX - Form Builder or in VFX - Application Builder.
-> Example in VFPizza17

Themed Commandbuttons
Set with this.lUseThemedButton and in VFX - Application Builder.
-> Example in VFPizza17

Rounded Textboxes
Set in VFX - Application Builder.
-> Example in VFPizza17

Statusbar for Forms
Add with VFX - Form Builders.
-> Example in VFPizza17

New Layout for Open Dialog
cFoxAppl.lUseOpenBar = .T.
-> Example in VFX17Test

Excel-Tabs without color gradient
Set with VFX - Form Builders.

Locked Columsn in Grids
A column can be locked with a rightclick on the header. Only columns right
of the locked column will be scrolled horizontally.

Grid with Markers
-> Example in VFX17Test, Parent.scx

Regulare Expressions
-> Example in VFPizza17, Customers.scx

Back Space Key
It is no more possible to move the focus to the previous control.

New native VFP calculator.
-> Example in VFPizza17, Customers.scx

Uwe Habermann

Uwe Habermann   21.11.2016 21:53
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