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  Re: nstartpage in cdataformpage- #13968 in section [740944]
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Von: David Phillips
An: David Phillips
Am/Um: 14.11.2017 03:17:21

--from Newsreader at Dienstag, 14. November 2017; 03:17:21--

Dear Uwe,
in VFX17 the form builder on the Form Options page has a start page box.

I thought this would cause the form to default to starting on the page nominated

This is a great idea as often I want the grid up first so the user can select a record to edit. Or I want the most commonly required page to come up first. Instead the form comes up with whatever the last page accessed was. This may be good sometimes but I think frequently users would prefer to firstly see Page 1. For example start on grid search then edit the details on the Edit Page. When you go call up the form again to search for the next person you have to start by selecting the Grid Page again instead of allowing the form to default to page 1 or a nominated page.

Unfortunately the Start Page Box does not stop the default behaviour of showing the last page used. What does the Start Page Box do?

Is it possible to nominate a default page rather than the last page?

Kind Regards,

"David Phillips" wrote in message news:733130...
--from Newsreader at Montag, 16. Januar 2012; 17:05:29--

Dear Uwe,
When I start my application via VFXMain it is opening at page 3 instead of
page 1
In the cdataform page Builder
I have ticked First Edit Page on page 1
I have -1 as the Start Page on Form Options

Looking at VFXRes.DBF the page number is still 3 and the form continues to
open at page 3

I tried editing VFXRes.DBF VFXRes.Page to 1 but was given error message
after that when saving the cdatafrompage Builder so changed it back to 3.

How should I fix this.

Kind Regards,

David Phillips   16.01.2012 17:05
Uwe Habermann  16.01.2012 18:28
David Phillips  26.01.2012 18:01
Uwe Habermann  27.01.2012 10:17
David Phillips  31.01.2012 09:53
David Phillips  14.11.2017 03:17
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