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Von: Rainer Becker [dFPUG]
An: David Phillips
Am/Um: 06.03.2018 20:02:48

Hello David,

thank you for being a customer for a long time! As written in an email by Tina as an answer to your request: your VFX subscription is up for renewal.
And thank you for your email to me regarding ongoing support and development for our framework Visual Extend. Here the current status and the plans for this year:

We have extended VFX in the last years with a lot of features. Actually we spend much more money on VFX then we earned to create all these new features. Therefore currently development of new features slowed down a little bit. But soon we will have new budget for new features available. Please see below.

The support is ongoing anyhow and is provided online at – Uwe Habermann will answer all questions and solve problems. I am also available as well as you can see by this answer.

Currently we are preparing a new website to make all the VFX-articles and VFX-sessions with companion files and slideshows available to all users. You can see a first draft at We are preparing another subdomain as well but the draft is not available yet. The new website will contain all documents ever published by us and make them available to all subscribers. As a VFX-subscriber you will get automatically an account on the new website with a link to all VFX-material available.

Besides that I am working on another small sample application and a very important application to manage the documentation needs for the new GDPR – the data protection rules that come into effect end of May 2018. It will be made available for VFX-subscribers as a sample application and for sure will raise interest in new VFX-subscriptions or to continue/renew subscriptions.

Afterwards we will integrate new GDPR features to the VFX-framework itself. The application is planned for the 1st half of 2018, the features step by step for the 2nd half of 2018.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Rainer Becker

David Phillips   20.02.2018 06:41
Rainer Becker [dFPUG]  06.03.2018 20:02
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