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  Detecting a change in a txtbox on a form- #13995 in section [741396]
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Von: David Phillips
Am/Um: 13.06.2018 04:39:29 gelesen

--from Newsreader at Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018; 04:39:29--

Dear Uwe,
The VFXOBJ has a ccommandbutton and a ccomandgroup. The cmdbuttons in the
ccommandgroup do not use buttons from VFX (ccommandbutton) but
commandbutton. I am not sure if this may have any impact on what I am trying
to do. Perhaps there is no difference between ccommandbutton and

I want to detect any change in a number of text boxes on a cData form eg
T.Directions = 1 tds changed to 1 qid. Noting that change I want to run
some subsequent code.

I thought to use scatter to save all when the command button is clicked and
later compare eg M.Directions with T.Directions

I set up a hot key to call a PRG procedure to exit the edit with

I disable the tabs on the form and enable the txt boxes I want to allow to
be changed

then call

edit the form then
when the hot key is pushed I check M.Directions and finish with
called from a Procedure in a PRG file

then I disable the txt boxes and re-enable the forms Tabs.

I am trying to capture that one of the tracked fields has changed but the
m.Directions value is often lost . Sometimes it isn't lost other times it is
and I cannot work out why.

VFX somewhere tracks that a field has changed perhaps I can tap into that as
my strategy sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and I cannot work out why.

Kind regards,

David Phillips   13.06.2018 04:39
Uwe Habermann  14.06.2018 21:38
David Phillips  25.06.2018 13:58
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