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  Re: What does Build Register DLL do?- #14002 in section [741453]
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Von: David Phillips
An: David Phillips
Am/Um: 02.07.2018 19:12:01

--from Newsreader at Montag, 2. Juli 2018; 19:12:01--

Dear Uwe,
I have solved the problem. I am sure it is related to the ‚=80=9CBuild Register DLL‚=80=9D . After clicking the ‚=80=9CBuild Register DLL‚=80=9D I did a ‚=80=9CProject Backup‚=80=9D which came up with an error message. After that the error came up every time I tried restarting VFX17. I could okay the message but was then unable to open any project in the Task Pane to work on it.

A copy of my project (PJX) file was created in ....\VFX170\Builder.

I went to the .....\VFX170\Builder and tried to open the project there. It said the project was empty and gave me the option to delete it which I did. Problem has now gone.

This should help if anyone else has the same problem and hopefully point you to the bug.

Kind regards,

"David Phillips" wrote in message news:741450...
--from Newsreader at Montag, 2. Juli 2018; 16:35:10--

Dear Uwe,
I don't know what "Build Register DLL" is supposed to do and I should not
have clicked it.

Now when I start VFX17 I get an error message "Function argument value,
type, or count is invalid." coming up and when I click on the Project I
want to work on , nothing happens and the default directory remains as

I loaded a backup but that did not fix the problem.

Please, what has happened20

How do I fix It20

Kind Regards,

David Phillips   02.07.2018 16:35
Uwe Habermann  02.07.2018 17:49
David Phillips  02.07.2018 18:58
David Phillips  02.07.2018 19:12
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