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  Function argument value, type or count is Invalid- #14005 in section [741460]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: David Phillips
Am/Um: 04.07.2018 07:33:20 gelesen

--from Newsreader at Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018; 07:33:20--

I believe I have found the cause and cure for this error coming up when
starting VFX17.

It is caused by opening another Project - possibly non VFX and then on
restarting VFX, VFX tries to use something fro the other project resulting
in the error - Function argument value, type or count is Invalid.

The solution is to close the other project that is coming up when starting
VFX then shutdown and restart VFX.

Hope this helps someone.

Kind regards,

David Phillips   04.07.2018 07:33
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