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Von: Uwe Habermann
Am/Um: 01.04.2019 19:21:24 gelesen

--from Newsreader at Montag, 1. April 2019; 19:21:24--

Hi VFX Developers!

VFX 18.0 is available for download!

When starting the VFX - Activation Wizard appears. Please
register and get a 30 day activation key for free with which you can use all

Registered VFX customers with a valid subscription please use the same
e-mail address and password which you have used to register for VFX 16. This
way you will get an unlimited activation key immediately and you can update
to the full version of VFX 17.

Your registration data in our customer database gets updated.

The development of VFX 18 focused on the implementation of functions to
support the General Data Protection Regulations. This gives developers the
ability to easily extend end-user applications to meet the requirements of
the General Data Protection Regulations. Additionally, VFX 18 includes
numerous small enhancements and fixes.

New property of the application class lUpdateCurrentDBonly
Previously, when updating the database structure at the customer site, all
databases entered in Config.vfx or Vfxpath.dbf were updated. This is still
the default behavior. If the value of cfoxAppl.lUpdateCurrentDBonly in
Appl.vcx is set to .T., only the structure of the selected database is
updated when the application is started for the first time. The structures
of other databases are not updated until these databases are used for the
first time. This procedure can save customers a lot of time.

VFX - Cursor Adapter Wizard
For cursoradapters that are based on views, more properties are transferred
from the view to the cursoradapter.

Password protection for e-mail attachments
A password can be entered in the reports dialog now when selecting to send
the report as an e-mail attachment. When a password is entered, the email
attachment is compressed into a zip archive that is password protected. The
data sent by e-mail is securely protected. All file types (PDF, HTML, XML,
TIFF, and BMP) are supported.

Management of consents for data storage and processing
In order to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection
Regulations, consent to the storage of personal data may be stored for any
data containing personal data.
To use this new functionality, the class xCntConsent from the class library
Appl.vcx can be added to a form by drag & drop. This container class
contains a label and two command buttons. The left button shows whether a
consent has been saved for the current, personal data record. A click on
this button opens the form VfxConsent.scx for managing consents. A click on
the right button opens the dialog VfxConsentRep.scx in which a report can be
To use the class xCntConsent, the values of three properties must be set.

cParentTableKeyFieldName - Primary key field name of the table containing
personal data.
cParentTableName - Name of the table with personal data.
cReportName - Report file containing the fields for self-disclosure.

The form VfxConsent.scx can be used to maintain a chronological list of
consents. The consent data is stored in the table VfxConsent.

The following data is managed for each consent:

1. Date
2. Type of consent
3. Person in charge
4. Reason for consent
5. Reference to a document
6. Remarks and
7. Revocation date

In the dialog VfxConsentRep.scx you can choose between the following

1. Consents
2. All consents
3. Missing consents
4. Self-disclosure

The reports consents, all consents and missing consents are automatically
generated at runtime. The self-disclosure report must be provided
individually for each form.

Uwe Habermann

Uwe Habermann   01.04.2019 19:21
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