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  Re: *** VFX 17.00.1311 available ***- #13964 in section [740935]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: David Phillips
An: Uwe Habermann
Am/Um: 01.11.2017 07:09:15

--from Newsreader at Mittwoch, 1. November 2017; 07:09:15--

Dear Uwe,
Deleted the FoxUser files and thank you for that, it fixed the problem.

Thank you also for the tip on how to find the foxuser files. I found it not as easy to find as the old FoxPro DOS ones but you tip was great.

Kind regards,

"Uwe Habermann" wrote in message news:740905...
--from Newsreader at Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017; 20:40:27--

Hi David!

>>I cannot find the FoxUser.dbf<<

? SYS(2005)

Uwe Habermann

Uwe Habermann   12.01.2017 15:46
David Phillips  09.10.2017 03:28
Uwe Habermann  09.10.2017 16:10
David Phillips  12.10.2017 19:17
Uwe Habermann  12.10.2017 20:40
David Phillips  01.11.2017 07:09
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