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  Re: Archiving Errors- #14036 in section [741969]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: Uwe Habermann
An: David Phillips
Am/Um: 23.04.2019 08:11:23

--from Newsreader at Dienstag, 23. April 2019; 08:11:23--

Hi David!

>>I am getting a box titled -Archiving errors- on startup at a test site.<<

This may happen some of if files to be archived are in use by another user.
It may also happen if the created archive may be larger than 2 GB.

Uwe Habermann

David Phillips   22.04.2019 20:02
Uwe Habermann  23.04.2019 08:11
David Phillips  25.04.2019 12:37
Uwe Habermann  25.04.2019 15:25
David Phillips  29.07.2019 07:12
Uwe Habermann  30.07.2019 15:19
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