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  Can I call a vfxaudit function ?- #14170 in section [743625]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: Uwe Habermann
An: Alejandro
Am/Um: 15.12.2022 00:18:32

Hi Alejandro!
>>Can I call a vfxaudit function from a ccomandbutton in a cform?<<

Yes, you can. You can find the audit functions in Vfxfunc.prg:

>>I see something like performaudit, but I can't find it anymore.<<

lperformaudit is a property of cbasedataaccessbase in Vfxctrlbase.vcx
This property is for internal use only.

Uwe Habermann

Alejandro   14.12.2022 14:36
Uwe Habermann  15.12.2022 00:18
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