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  Re: Swapping user sites tio VFX18- #14174 in section [743638]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: Uwe Habermann
An: David Phillips
Am/Um: 23.03.2023 03:09:27

Hi David!

>>I did not have this with VFX17 so is this change expected and what more can I do please.<<

There is no change between VFX 17 and VFX 18 in accessing data.

Vfxpath.dbf must point to the data folder relative from the exe folder.
If a folder with the name "data" exists at the client site the data are always fetched from that folder regardless what you set in Vfxpath.dbf. This is by design of VFP.

If you test on your machine do not test in the folder of the IDE but in a new folder where you have the exe file, Vfxpath and a folder with the database.

Best regards,


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