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  Re: Swapping user sites tio VFX18- #14178 in section [743642]
Sec: (29) VFX english
Von: David Phillips
An: Uwe Habermann
Am/Um: 29.03.2023 17:25:12

--from Newsreader at Mittwoch, 29. März 2023; 17:25:12--

Dear Uwe,
solved the problem and the solution may help someone else.

Adding vfxpripol.dbf , vfxpripol.cdx and vfxpripol.fpt to the Data folder fixed the problem when adding VFXPath.DBF with and without an added record filled and not filled made no difference.

Kind Regards,

"Uwe Habermann" wrote in message news:743641...
Hi David!

>>vfxpath.dbf is empty, no records<<

Vfxpath must contain one record pointing to the data folder.

Best regards,


David Phillips   17.01.2023 03:24
Uwe Habermann  17.01.2023 09:29
David Phillips  22.03.2023 19:57
Uwe Habermann  23.03.2023 03:09
David Phillips  23.03.2023 19:04
Uwe Habermann  24.03.2023 01:37
Uwe Habermann  24.03.2023 01:37
David Phillips  29.03.2023 17:25
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